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  • Helicopter signs
    A new entrance sign photo Darren Davidson ( southern heli-lift) Dave to the right
  • slicing the trees from this
    here you see the chainsaw mill slicing into another macrocarpa this will be used as a dining table as you see below
  • portable Alaskian milling
    Dave seen here milling a Macrocarpa log into fliches for uses such as table tops etc Dave can slab up to 1250cm wide & 35cm deep
  • to this
    Dave recommends to his clients that they use Loburn Furniture for a beautiful finished product as this
  • walnut tree in the city
    Here Trish & Jim are wrapped with there walnut slabs which will later be used in there house for bench tops
  • walnut heart
    walnut fliche with beautiful heart
  • turn your tree into $$
    Macrocarpa fliches can fetch good money up to 4 times which firewood is worth if good clear timber
  • Christchurch milling
    Dave has just fliched up around 5 3inch slabs & 4 2.5 inch slabs out of 1 short log (approx $1000 worth)(for about $250 of time)up in a Halswell property
  • Redwood slabs Christchurch
    a unwanted Redwood tree is here utilised into valuable timber table tops for which the owner will get made into tables at a later date
  • Oak milling Canterbury
    opening up a fallen over oak tree provides happiness to owners of this once lovely standing oak ,they will let dry & get some tables & benchseats made from this
  • chch rebuild natural bar tops
    17 2 to 3 inch slabs have been cut & filleted here in a ideal location for slow drying by Dave for chch rebuild for new bars an cafes
  • Wattle Culverdon
    Dave has chainsaw milled 1 short log length of wattle so clients can make into bench seats throughout there beautiful maintained gardens
  • horse steppers
    these are alaskian milled & stepped at 1 end to allow it to be easy to saddle the horses with stabilty in mind .They are 3.2mtrs in length vary with the bottom base up to 800mm allowing 5 to 600mm of stepping surface on top .
  • milling loburn
    Dave has been busy milling with his double ended chainsaw mill with 30 odd large slabs cut in five hrs odd.Fullchisel felling uses a alaskian mark 3 mill with a 088 & 084 stihl powerheads (242 cc combined)
  • macrocarpa table top
    This makes a beautiful dining table top 75mm deep look at the heart
  • oak table tops
    Dave has been up to Kooinda station to fell & now chainsaw mill this standing dead oak
  • milling furniture
    Fullchisel can make anything from alaskian milling not just table tops but chunky furniture too as well as garden sleepers beams etc
  • mini milling chainsaw
    Dave is mini milling by taking the edge of these slabs to prep for building macrocarpa garden boxes
  • macrocarpa bench seat
    Dave has built a 2 seater bench seat for this beauty therapy clinic Akaroa he has used the rounds for the legs
  • saddling up made easy
    yet another horse stepper been delivered to the stables in loburn
  • macrocarpa beams
    dave uses his alaskian & mini mill to cut this 4.1mtr rutic beam

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