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  • macrocarpa planter boxes
    these are totally unique i construct these from macrocarpa & bolt with galvinised bolts ,i can personally router on any side what you the customer would like ie "straw berry patch" this one is 2.4mtrs x 1200 outside measurement & is green macrocarpa ,all planter boxes are oiled in organic oil .Planter boxes can be delivered for a small extra cost
  • unique double raised garden
    Dave has designed & made this very practable double ended garden box with seating in the middle out of rustic macrocarpa slabs .So simply you can sit down & garden from both sides or just sit down & read a mag while you pretend to garden.
  • raised garden beds loburn
    one of Daves clients has 4 macro raised beds for there veges now they find them so practable & conveniant
  • walnut in cashmere
    Dave & Dennis are seen here slabbing this old girl of a tree with a combination of a ms066 & ms088 on a double ended gb bar ,looking for Walnutt for rifle stocks
  • walnutt rifle stock
    this is what Dennis is hoping to produce later down the track ,shown is a high power centre rifle 250 mauser 1 that Dennis had restocked himself out of English heart Walnut
  • oak slabs
    Here lay two hearty oak slabs i cut out of a tree up in Loburn
  • large fliching
    Dave can now flich up to 1.4mtrs in width with his mill.Here he & Tommy have milled Macrocarpa down Rakaia way
  • large garden beds
    Dave has a order for two large natural flich garden beds north canterbury
  • Council Milling
    Edward is about to transport the 2nd load of chainsaw milled slabs from a Canadian Cedar tree that fell over at the Ohoka Reserve .Dave & Edward milled it into slabs for council projects
  • milling for orders
    Dave has just purchased 25ton of quality mac logs so taking orders as cutting slabs for bar & tabletops
  • 8ft high
    dave with his 088 on top end 066mag 88mag , Dave has also just purchased a new bar at 72 inches giving him a unique cut of 1.6mtr slabs in width
  • Garden Katharina
    Dave made this small raised garden out of macrocarpa slabs & named it after a legendary German girl with a country garden vision an cooked amazing quiche
  • Walnut slabbing
    Dave an Richard are milling a 115 yr old walnut at wood end this is just the branches end

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