dairy/crop/logging conversions

    March 2014 currently just contract logging small windblown standing 40yr old pine shelter hinds (Duncan Barrs)
  • thinning logging with bell
    Here Dave has a contract thinning a forest on a acre rate in Macrocarpa and taking and stacking out the logs for farmers own firewood use
  • dairy conversion /small woodlot
    Dave has a contract here taking out this small woodlot to make way for dairy conversion
  • Shelter removal
    Dave has just finished logging and stacked out A grade & KI grade from a pine shelterbelt.Basically i log it and do the sales with return after logging going to the farmer
  • lifestyle conversion
    logging small blocks is Daves speciality where just using a bell logger & delimber is low over heads therefor bigger returns to land owner
  • destumping/logged blocks
    Dave also works in with a digger for destumping blocks if landowner requires it .Here Dave is shifting rootballs with the bell to a stockpile where they will be burnt
  • bluegum conversion
    The bell is seen here delimbing gum and once again Dave sells it approx 400 ton was sold on this job with landowner still getting a return from sales
  • hinds in the snow
    Dave is logging shelters in Hinds but had to park up this day
  • thinning  gum
    Dave is thinning a gum block in return he is keeping the wood
  • clear felling gum
    Dave clear felling and logging gum for a land conversion
  • bell ultra logger A series
    Fullchisel felling bell logger
  • back pulling trees / awkard places
    Dave is back pulling trees here as theres a ditch on other side of trees in this shelter conversion
  • uprooting small trees/hedges
    Dave had to uproot 200mtrs of small arizonticas and stack into a fire pile
  • fullchisel fleet
    Daves small fleet(5ton bell/20ton bushrigged excavator] ideal for logging of shelters and small forestry / woodlots Ashburton to South Oamaru
  • digger sorting logs
    Keith on 20ton cat sorting logs at a hinds conversion block
  • post pulling/removal
    Using the bell with the grapple in reverse motion u dont damage the posts an have a 2.2ton lift straight up very fast at pulling 3times faster than tractor an chain
  • large timber logging
    Dave logging old crop pine Hinds/Geraldine
  • backpulling large trees
    Craig pulling over a large pine in a small plantation of old croppers
  • logging / dairy shelter & clean up
    During logging inbetween shelters on farms Dave provides a basic clean up using the digger grapple and a final sweep with the Rennerrake on the Bell ,this allows pivot wheels to run obsticle free during & after logging operations
  • double shelter 2.2ks logged
    Dave an Craig have just completed 5 months on Dean Mcconnells dairy farm here was the last paddock
  • uprooting pine plantation
    Craig is flatout uprooting a small 1.4plantation for a logging operation that Fullchisel Felling has with Ashburton Council
  • council contract
    Dave has a small council block to log at Rakia which includes uprooting the trees ,here Craig easily,s rips them out with the 320 cat
  • bell fullchisel fleet colours
    Dave had bell sandblasted an repainted early in the yr to his fleet colours ,mm its turned some heads

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